What is MakeResumeOnline’s CV Maker?

Using MakeResumeOnline cv maker you can create beautiful resumes in minutes. You get all kind of tools to make your resume look professional. In order to create a resume you have to sign-up. There is no cost to sign-up, it’s free and even no credit card is required to sign-up too.

How do I contact MakeResumeOnline?

When you visit cv maker you can check to the bottom right you can see contact us icon(chat icon). Click on that icon and you will be presented with a contact us form. You can fill in the message and details to contact us.

How do I send feedback to MakeResumeOnline?

When you visit cv maker app you will see a feedback button in red color. Click on that button you will be presented with the feed back form. Fill in the feedback message and rate us at a scale of 1 to 5.

How Many resumes can I create in a free account?

If you have a free account then you can create up to 5 resume for free. If you sign-up and login then by default you will be in the free account.

Where can I find resume templates?

After signing up and login to your account you can your avatar on top right corner. Click on the avatar and next click on Your Resumes link. You will find all your resumes here. You can create, delete and manage all your resumes here.

How Do I save a resume in the editor? I don’t see a save button!!

There is actually no save button in the resume editor. All your resume changes are automatically saved on the fly when  you edit your resume.