How To Write Declaration In Resume using example declaration samples

Ever wondered how to write declaration in  resume? Do you know what is resume declaration? Writing Resume declaration at the resume end is a common practise of Indian students.

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Most of the time we have got many requests to add a special section for our resume builder called “declaration section”. We actually got stunned by seeing so many requests coming from Indian students to add a resume declaration section. So if your teacher, trainer or any older person suggested you to add a resume declaration at resume end here is who you can add it. Check below.

Declaration Format in Resume

A resume declaration should contain declaration content of 1 ot 2 sentances. On the left  side below declaration content you should specify current date and place. On the right side you should have your signature and your name below the signature. This is how a traditional resume declaration looks like.

declaration format resume

declaration format resume

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Adding declaration in resume at resume editor

Writing Resume Declaration in cv editor

Writing Resume Declaration in cv editor

It is very easy for any individual to add a resume section using our resume builder.

  • Signup/login to resume builder.
  • Click on edit button on your primary or secondary resume from the list of resumes you have already created.
  • In the sidebar click on add new section.
  • Locate the resume declaration section and click on it.
  • Declaration section is added to your resume with prefilled declaration content.
  • Just add your current date, place and your signature and your declaration is ready at the end of your resume.

This is how you can add a declaration to your resume without any efforts using our resume editor. Similarly you can add more number of resume sections add finish your resume with in few minutes. You don’t have to think another thought when you are creating your resume at . What are you waiting for start creating your resume now.


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